You can call it a short attention span or a flair for the creative, regardless of semantics, I have dabbled in just about every area of the creative industry over the past 10 years.

I quickly began a photography career and ended it just as quickly (thanks, Instagram) to start pursuing the rapid increase of businesses flocking in droves to the social media and marketing scene. It is here where I began content creation, writing copy and creating visual assets. I graduated into a Creative Director role from this point moving forward, with the intention of creating strong, cohesive brands.

Currently, I focus on creating everything your brand needs all in one place, without sucking your capital dry before you even begin. Rather than going to one person for marketing and social media, another for photo and video assets, another for brand identity and logo design, and another for website creation - I execute it all in one place over the course of a few months so you can walk away with a tangible brand in your hands.

I want to work out your kinks (massage not included) in the easiest and most stress free way so you can get back to doing what you are passionate about. Managing a business is hard enough without the headache of learning five new skills or finding five different people who will hopefully create cohesive assets.

Giving others the foundation to live their passion is my passion.

The Really PErsonal Stuff:

· I am currently building out a 1975 VW Bus.
· I am writing a book about working through your inner pain.
· I collect tea from the places I travel.
· When I drink coffee, it is a traditional breve macchiato.
· shift + option + 9
· I destress by cooking and baking.
· I am the person to call if you want to go on 1k rabbit trails.
· I am a rock climber.
· My favorite places I’ve traveled to are Paris and Cascais, Portugal.
· I am notorious for introducing myself without giving my name.

I'm Rach.

Yes, it is short for Rachael.
Yep, it's just Rach.

Say hello, connect with me, or ask anything you'd like!